In practical terms, a lot of parents don't want their children ranked by race and gender and assigned privilege. I'll leave the philosophy to the philosophers. Just make this madness stop. It's dehumanizing.

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CRT scholars (If that’s what they want to call themselves, and I would advise against it) who are interested In good faith discussion & debate could make a better case for themselves if they walked back the jargon & pseudoscience & endeavored to communicate more clearly & precisely.

Critical Race Theory is a poisoned well. It lacks a natural objective correlative, as Eliot would say (See, I can play this game, too!) As things stand, CRT is obscurantist jargon that means too many things to too many people to be useful. And it elicits the kind of intensely negative emotions that shut down conversations before they can start.

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Link below to a very good discussion, 45 minutes long, on Critical Race Theory.

In terms of definition, keep in mind that the usage of various words and phrases ("white supremacy", "queer") has changed vastly in a few years without much extended back and forth over what they mean and who defines them.


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