Interesting article though I don't agree with much that is said here (mostly the extrapolation of that points that Vivek talked about in the debate), the conclusion which is what I'd guess is a extreme left wing partisan conclusion (not what a typical moderate liberal conclusion would be) and the extreme partisan-like title. Expected from an oped in nowadays.

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My response to your response to Vivek, I don't actually use substack at all, so I won't respond to you if you respond here. Just passing by looking at various "news outlets" here. Composed mine in a few mins but wasn't really checking tbh.

- Intersex people and people with gender dysphoria are real indeed, however they are both very much different from one another do not face the same issues. Intersex are people typically born with both genitalia where one is often times more predominant or actually fully developed as opposed to the other being underdeveloped thus allowing doctors to still identify their correct sex. Gender Dysphoria is type of personal association disorder in which a person ceases to associate themselves as the correct sex that they are born with. It is unquestionable that affirmation of them into the "gender" that they wish has in fact caused them far more harm. Especially with knowing that many young people go into it either through pressure of social media in wanting to fit in, parent pressure to show that they are in fact "tolerant and progressive" and the plethora who literally grow out of it, re-identifies themselves in their correct sex/skin.

- Human flourishing is reliant on fossil fuels, that must change to avoid destroying the planet through global warming. It does not need to be rushed and must be changed to a reliable, sustainable energy source which much to both figurative and literal horror of climate activists is nuclear reactors. Wind kills too much wildlife and offshore damages the sealife. Solar if not managed appropriately will remove nature, killing insects, plants small creatures be it in the desert or in plains.

- He shouldn't have said "reverse racism" as there is no such thing. There is only racism, be it white towards black, black towards white (which is becoming increasingly more prevalent, enabled and endorsed in many cases). White supremacy is not as prevalent as it used to be and in fact is not as common. Systemic racism is more of an ambiguous term to say that all of the institutions are racist without providing evidence of it or showing an example.

- "Every state, county, city, and town *IN* the US has open borders." For a country to be sovereign they must have control over their borders. Illegal Aliens (aka Illegal Immigrants which was later changed to Undocumented Immirgrants) as is the judicial term for is an issue one that the US has failed to solve for many decades, and it has only gotten worse. This isn't a political question rather a question of protecting citizens at the border and protecting the integrity of the country itself and respecting the legal immigrants who are attempting to get in through legal means. Illegal Immigrants causes the legal process to slow down for myriads of reasons.

- Schools be it government run schools as well as teacher unions should not be attempting to force children into classes that parents do not agree with and prevent them from opting out like transgenderism, which often times promotes the idea, pushes the student into it and keeps it a secret from the parents.

- The nuclear family is form of governing a family which in turn provides a net benefit to society. The not a democracy willfully misrepresenting or misunderstanding what Vivek said.

- Capitalism lifts people up from poverty, It does not casts others into poverty when it’s favors when new industries overtake old industries through societal progress. Only time when an industry moves industries to other countries to lower labor costs is when the government has intervened to such an extent that it no longer makes it profitable to have such an industry exist in the country.

- The US Constitution as amended after the Civil War, is the strongest guarantor of freedoms in history. The constitution did allow slavery as the southern states governed by the confederates wanted it to be included much to the chagrin of the northern states who wanted to create a Union of states. It did not however regarded non-whites as subhuman and women as the property of men. The subhuman I'm guessing is coming from the "Three-fifths compromise" which was a compromise that was reached by the northern and southern states regarding the slave's ability to vote. The southern states wanted to have their slaves vote (I'm sure you can guess that slaves wouldn't be allowed to choose who to vote for), the northern states agreed to this but to limit the slave owners garnering more votes via their slaves, diminished the voting power. This context for the "three-fifths compromise" is often completely omitted in an attempt to show how evil and racist US used to be back then rather than a struggle to eventually free the slaves.

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