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All due superlatives. So refreshing to see reasoned nuance in the public sphere in 2023. Earned a paid subscription. Another nit: I assume you meant to refer to Justine Sacco rather than "Justice Sacco".

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Excellent article, hope will be read widely!

Nit: In "(as I showed here and here)", both "here" flinks seems to point to same page..

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I appreciate this. Too often, I reduce the cancel culture debate down to Hello-I-want-to-say-and-write-controversial-things-whilst-still-being-popular-and-getting-paid-heaps-of-money. For me, it was less about punishing the boundary-pushers and more about rewarding the producers I liked. It isn't as if JK Rowling or Jonathan Chait shouldn't have thoughts on trans issues. It's just that I won't pay them for their thoughts. I'd rather buy Eddie Izzard's or Parker Malloy's content...if that makes any sense.

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