I like this article. Our legal traditions are complex, and you've done a good job here of parsing some basic ideas about their framing.

This may interest you. A few years ago, I wrote a long article deconstructing our concepts of laws and rights from a linguistic point of view. I started from the observation that our rights, intrinsically, are never exactly "equal"; for instance, someone convicted of murder doesn't have the same rights as someone not convicted of murder. I found that questions about *who* laws apply to and *when* they apply could use a different kind of attention, and, in grappling with these questions, I needed to set aside a lot of legal thinking about how law is practiced and strip these terms down to a more technical and general set of definitions. I posted it on Researchgate, if you are curious:


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In the United States the courts aren't there to right wrongs but to interpret Constitutional and lower level laws passed by legislatures.

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