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Open Thread: 2022 Predictions

The "Transgender Moment" Jumps the Shark

Whose Coup?

Imagine There's No Cringe Celebrity Moralism ... It's Easy If You Try

The Panic Over Porn

Abortion and the Gender Wars

On Objective Truth and Culture Wars

The Economics of Culture War Commentary

Open Thread

The Porn Script

Old Dominion's Removal of Allyn Walker is an Egregious Violation of Academic Freedom

Class, Dismissed

The Professor and the Pedophiles

After the Verdict: Race, Gender, Violence, and "Social Justice" in Kenosha

Nicole Kidman Makes Movies Worse

Kenosha, Kyle Rittenhouse, and the Progressive Narrative Fail

The "Woke" Revolution and the Threat to Liberalism

The Sanctification of Derrick Bell

Awaiting the Asteroid

The New Dirty War Against Faculty

Climate Doomism

"Trans Bathroom Attack" Story Becomes the Right's "Rape Culture" Panic

Loudoun County Sexual Assault Story Shows Danger of Media Bias

Now Hiring

Nothing To See Here

Fauci-bashing, Covid, and the Heterosexual AIDS Scare

Absolute Truth Corrupts Absolutely

My Kidney for Your Approval

Unsafe in Michigan

Defining "Wokeness"

If the Supreme Court Betrays Social Conservatives, Red States Could Revolt

Did "Cancel Culture" Just Jump the Shark?

"Theying" Pauli Murray

The U.K.'s Shortages Are Vindicating Brexiteers—Not Remainers

I Am So Tired

Want to Reduce Polarization? Pass These Climate Policies.

After the Tall Man

The Wi Spa Debacle Continues

Triggered by Dubya

The Day the World Changed

Abortion in Texas

"Critical Race Theory," Racism, and Just the Facts

Afghanistan and the Anti-Liberal Right

Medical Ethicist Sues the University of California, Irvine over Vaccine Mandate

The City of God is Not an Empire

We're All Wrong About Afghanistan

Every Option in Afghanistan Was Bad

The "Central Park Karen" and the Problem of Viral Racism Videos

The Afterworld

It Is Time To Decriminalize Sex Work

The Cannibal Club: The Intellectual Dark Web of the 19th Century

What's a Demisexual, and Why Should We Care?

The Reality of "Race Realism"

The Simone Biles Moment

The Science of Snowflakery

Mixed Medical Messages Create Covid Confusion

A Tale of Two Inequalities

The Battle of Wi Spa

Race-Baiting Propagandists Come for Texas

How Critical Theory Helped Me Understand Cars, Pedestrians, and Urbanism

The Mossadegh Trap

Wake Up, Democrats, You're Fighting the Last War

Two Cheers for the Lee Removal

What's the Difference Between Liberals and Leftists?

Women and War

The Fourth of July, Juneteenth, and the True Legacy of Liberty

Liz Cheney Fell in a Forest

Bret Weinstein's Covid Agenda

How Not To Teach Racial Equity

The Problem With "White Privilege" Discourse

What Cultural Marxism Really Is

Laws Aimed at Banning Critical Race Theory in K-12 Schools Are a Poorly Written, Misguided Mess

Dispatches from the (Trans)Gender Wars

David French and Conservative Opposition to Anti-CRT Legislation

The Feminist vs. The Cancelers

Confronting the Moral Panic Over Critical Race Theory

Empathy Lessons ... from a Hitman

We Used to Live Like This

What Happened to the Intellectual Dark Web?

How the Chinese Communist Party Can Bring America Together

Jew-Bashing and Trump-Blaming

Ron DeSantis and the New Republican Orthodoxy

What's in a Name?

Grappling with Anti-Semitism, Again

The Power of Pride

The Tragedy of Activism

Valdez in Wonderland

The Thrift Stores Are Alright

The Destructive Power of the GOP's Election Lies

Police and the Presumption of Ignorance

Want to Interview Mayor Lightfoot? We'll Have to Check Your Skin Color First.

"Cancel Culture," Hypocrisy, and Double Standards

The Executive Branch Has Enormous Power Over Immigration—Why Aren't Democrats Using It?


Israel and the Free Speech Problem

The Great British Class Debate

The Day I Learned About Harlem

The Fight Over "Critical Race Theory"

We Are Never Moving On From January 6

Liz Cheney Has to Go

Liz Cheney is Too Good for This GOP

Abandoning Afghanistan

"Political Correctness" Déjà Vu

What Is Critical Theory?

Revisiting January 6

The GOP is Favored in 2022

What Free Speech v. Social Justice Debates Are Really About

Chauvin's Conviction Will Almost Certainly Stand

You Have the Right to Remain Politically Silent

In Praise of My Eighth Grade English Teacher

Cops, Crime, and Race

On Guns and the Courts, Joe Biden’s Actions Are Just For Show

There Is Only Culture

Discourse Victimology

One Hundred Years From Freedom

Dissidents, Crackpots, and Bad Allies

Set Up the Steal

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